Download Synaesthete

If you enjoy dancing, then Synaesthete is the perfect combination of dance and arcade gaming making for a very fun and challenging game that you may have ever played. The game has a very original premise and game play that makes it very appealing to players of all ages. The premise of the game revolves around defeating all the enemies in each room that you come across. You will have to sync your character to the music played and then the laser that you have will shoot down your enemies. However bear in mind that the rhythm of the music must be maintained at all times.

The most important thing in Synaesthete is the music and how well you are able to sync your moves to it. If you are able to do that perfectly, then you will not get stuck in the game and will be successful in your endeavors. The controls in Synaesthete are simple and quite easy to get used to. There is a nice environment and the game takes some exploring. However, it may get a little tedious when you have to go down on all the grids and bridges in between the rooms. The best part of the game is the thumping and leg-tapping music. This is what keeps the game interesting at all times.

The game play of Synaesthete is quite amusing. The game has some good 3D graphics, however they are not that great you would expect from a game of this time and age. The soundtracks and the music make the game very enjoyable. The graphics are a bit of a disappointment but once you get over that fact, the game gets quite interesting to play. all in all, Synaesthete is a very original and engaging game to play, and players will greatly enjoy the great soundtrack it has to offer.