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Sota is a skill game that is probably unique from everything else that a player might have tried until now and it will definitely be a great experience that will take a while to solve. Nonetheless, the game is really interesting and it will provide an excellent game play that everyone will enjoy. The game has really nice graphics that are drawn in a simple yet intriguing manner. The background is created using a crumbled piece of paper that looks extremely realistic and the other elements are drawn like they would have been drawn with a crayon, making the elements unique.

The aim of the game is to create a communication network that will cover all of the area in order to have the customers happy. In the beginning, just as with any other game, achieving this objective is pretty easy, but as the player progresses through the levels he will find it much harder to provide the top coverage that might be required to pass to the next level. However, trial and error is not a bad idea in the game and the player should be able to pass each level after a couple of tries that might be required in order to discover the required strategy to pass.

There are 25 levels that must be completed from the first to the last and they will unlock progressively. There is a tutorial level featured in the game that is the first one, in which the player will be able to find out the required information in order to start working on the coverage of the networks. The game is definitely a great experience that must be tried in order to discover a new type of gameplay that will definitely be a great one, allowing all kinds of players to relax and have fun.

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