Quantum Conundrum

Download Quantum Conundrum

Play an amazing and fast paced first person 3D puzzle game where you have to utilize the three different dimensions available to escape the rooms in the game. the premise of the game is that your uncle is a scientist and you have to rescue him from his house by traveling from one room to the next, in order to rescue him. It is not as easy as it sounds, as there are many obstacles and challenges that will cross your path.

Your uncle manages to get lost in hos own house and it is upto you to find him out and rescue him. You will not be able to see him in the game, but he will be able to send you instructions and guide you through his house. There are three dimensions that you will use in this game, they are Fluffy, Heavy Dimensions and the Slow time Dimension. You have to be extremely careful about which dimension you use and how you use it, as how you play the game will entirely depend on that. Quantum Conundrum is a really cool game to play as it is challenging and fun in equal portions.

The game play is smooth and the plot simple. All you have to make sure of is that you do not use the wrong dimension. The most fun of the three dimensions is the slow time dimension, and when using the others you will be mostly moving blocks around and activating switches. The graphics and sound effects make the game seem extremely creative and stunning to look at. The only downside is that some of the puzzles that you solve are not as fun as the others. Besides that the controls of the game along with the game play are very solid, and the puzzles challenging.