Download Prizma Puzzle Challenges

Prizma Puzzle Challenges is a really interesting puzzle game that actually proves to be really interesting as it features a unique gameplay. The player will have to solve puzzles in order to build structures that will later be used in the bigger structure of a town where different things will appear and they will be able to be collected. However, there is a long way until there and in the beginning, the player will just have to concentrate on the simple tasks of puzzle solving in order to be able to build his first structure that will be part of the town.

That first structure will not be hard to build but the next ones will require more effort because more complex nodes will be required in order to connect everything and the player will need the required resources to purchase and build something like this. In order to have this, he will have to seize resources from different places and he will have to use them in order to build the needed structures for his base. The stars are important in the game because they are actually the gates to the future levels.

These levels will still allow the player to keep his current buildings and the next ones will just have to be added to the already built ones in order to create something bigger. There are also some specialized buildings that will be really useful for producing energy and some other goods that are required for faster building times. The key to solving the puzzles of the game is to keep track of the moves that are allowed and the ones that are remaining for the turn, otherwise the player will easily run out of resources and he will have to start over the level and this is not pleasant.

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