Download Prizma Puzzle 3

Prizma Puzzle 3 is the game that will put an end to the challenges that were featured in the trilogy and this time the things will be as interesting as never before because there are a lot of additions to the game and all of them will prove to be advantageous to the player, especialy if he is familiar with the things that he is able to do in order to reach the objective of the level as fast as possible. The objective is not hard to achieve but the player needs to keep track of the movements that he makes.

Moreover, he will also need a little bit of strategy in order to achieve the end of each level but this should not be too hard with a little bit of practice. And thankfully, as a practice method there are some tutorial levels that feature all of the required elements that a player needs to know in order to start the game. The most important one is to know about the energy because this is the element on which every level will depend - the more energy available, the easier it will be to reach for the end.

The "finish" building appears on the map and from the "start" one the player will have to build the connecting structure in order to bring in the maximum amount of energy with the minimum losses. The game features a comprehensive tutorial, as mentioned before, and this will be a great starting point for those that want a good aventure that can help them exercise their logical skills. This is definitely a good helper for everyone and it should be used as much as possible in order to provide a good amount of fun as the player tries to solve every level that is available.

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