Portal 2

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The original Portal was an amazing puzzle game and the new longer version of the same, titled as Portal 2 is no different whatsoever. The game still retains the first person physics based puzzles which had been all so successful in the previous version. The story revolves round GLaDOS, a robotic AI. In Portal 2, the gamer wakes up at the Aperture Science Facility and gets entangled in the thick plot, master minded by GLaDOS. The game has been created by Valve and retains the charm of the original Portal.

So, what is different in Portal 2? Well Portal 2 boasts of a superior plot, more surprises from GLaDOS and a more intriguing character development. The gamer gets to play the role of Chell and the game begins where it all ended in the previous version. In the initial stages, a spherical robot named Wheatley would guide you through the gameplay and thus would buy you some time to get used to the puzzles and the game itself. As the game progresses, you would see GLaDOS getting into the thick of things as it makes the facility a part of itself, an extension of its physical form.

Generally, games like Portal 2 are never too known for their visuals, but Portal 2 differs from trend by dishing out superior graphics. The game gives emphasis on the story, the characters in it and the reasoning puzzles which you would obviously have to decipher in the test chambers. At times, the game comes up with complicated puzzles, but the solutions are never too complicated themselves and are always quite sensible. Portal 2 has made its name not because of the single player mode, rather, it has made its mark owing to the cooperative game mode, which is all too exciting. It is one of those games which you would love to remain hooked to.