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Pipe Mania is a fun and yet a pretty challenging game. Alfonso Junior and Sister Fawcett have to save their paradise against the racing time. Their homeland has been taken over by cowboy plumbers and they are wrecking havoc! You have to make sure that you complete 300 levels and defeat the cowboys. At times the 300 levels will seem a little too steep, and you will begin to wish that it wasn’t the case. Besides that Pipe Mania is a very fun game with a very different concept that is bound to keeo you occupied for a long time.

You have to solve puzzles and move forward all in record time, or you lose the game. however there are 5 different game modes that you have to choose from making sure that you have a lot of options to choose from. These modes can be very challenging or a lot of fun, depending on what mode you choose. The five options are World, Arcade, Versus, Bonus and an upgraded version of Pipe mania game. if you are looking  for some stress-free game play that is challenging but not too intense, then Pipe Mania is the perfect game for you. However, the game may sometimes crash or get stuck if you are unlucky.

The staggering number of levels to pass through will keep you occupied for a very long time and also be very challenging. Also, the constant race against time makes the game one that is hard to stop playing. The 5 different game modes also give the game a lot of variety and keeps things interesting. this may not be one of the best games that you have ever played, but Pipe Mania is surely going to be a very different game that you will surely enjoy playing.


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