Parking Dash

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When at a mall or at a grocery store, the most tedious and mundane task would be to find a parking space. Imagine if you had a highly imaginative game reflecting that task making it interesting and fun? Parking Dash aims at just that. You play the role of a valet who has to find a parking spot for the customers in the shortest possible time span. There are two game play modes that you can choose from; one is the Story Mode: this mode is a strange yet interesting ‘parking plot’ mode that follows a plot that you have to understand and play through. The second mode is the Endless Shift mode where you are on an endless shift as a valet and have a ton of customers constantly waiting for you to recover and park their cars.

There are 50 levels that Parking Dash consists of. The difference between each level isn’t much and sometimes things may seem repetitive, but it is still fun once you start playing it. However, there is a lot of difference in the speed with which you have to perform your tasks. There are ways in which you can make your parking lot seem more attractive and inviting. This can be done by installing lifts into the car park, adding donut shops and maybe even a 24 hours convenience store.

The graphics of Parking Dash are pretty good and vibrant. The sound effects also make the game seem more entertaining. The concept of the game is pretty new and yet the game is one of those that won’t be able to compete with your high end combat games and intricate puzzle games. However, what this game lacks in complexities it makes up for in charm. This game is basically something you can squeeze into coffee breaks.