Pajama Sam’s No Need To Hide

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Video games are much more interesting when it involves a certain level of imagination sewn into real life stories. They make it much easier to relate to, especially for kids who think about super heroes and have their own problems to cope up with. How they wish they were one such superhero and could save their own little worlds. Atari, an action and adventure game developer, has brought those pieces of imagination together and formed them into Pajama Sam’s No Need To Hide. Actually the full name is No Need to Hide When It’s Dark Outside and is very popular amongst a large section of gamers who have been looking for something similar.

The story of Pajama Sam’s No Need To Hide is a very interesting one where a small kid called Sam dreams of being a superhero. He gets hold of a red cape and with its help, he turns himself into a miniature superhero who is capable of pretty much everything. He originally fears his closet and previously he used to believe that it contained all kind of dangers in store for him. But after turning into a superhero and gaining super powers, he decides to go into the closet and faces his fears like the bravest little kid in the whole world.

Pajama Sam’s No Need To Hide has a unique story line and its lucid flow of content makes it a very interesting one. It contains the following features which have boosted its popularity: amazing concept and true to life characters which many could relate to especially kids, sound game play options which seems quite easy even to newcomers in this field, minuscule in size makes it easily executable in almost any configuration. That in, Pajama Sam’s No Need To Hide is really a breakthrough in this field.