Download Outcast

Outcast, like most of the action adventure games of the 21st century are indebted to games like Tomb Raider. This is the sole reason that the game idea doesn't seem quite original. Whatever be the case, Outcast is a good puzzle solving game with a fair bit of combat and action. According to some, it is one of the best puzzle solving games around and is considered unique in its own way.

So, what is the story all about? Well, the story of Outcast revolves round Cutter Slade, the protagonist of the story. In the game, the gamer gets to don his role and lead a group of scientists to a parallel world on a secret rescue mission. However, as in most Hollywood flicks, the mission gets awry and he ends up alone in Adelpha, completely defenseless. The natives of the place offer to help him return back to his world only if he helps them fight the tyranny of Fae Rhan. This is where the action begins. The world shown in Outcast is rather huge and the gamer would need to collect five sacred objects from different areas of the map. The game is well designed and the action between the protagonist and Fae Rhan’s men makes it all the more interesting.

The game is simple and requires a bit of exploration. While most of the games become boring in these portions, Outcast is a welcome change and keeps the gamers on the edge of their seat. The best thing about Outcast is the fact that the characters of the Talan tribes have been well crafted and have distinct personality traits. The game has an impressive soundtrack and the battle music in hostile environments would definitely give you an adrenaline rush. Hence, the next time you go looking for a puzzle based game, make sure that you lay hands upon Outcast.