Numty Physics

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Mix school-time physics with some practical physics engine and enjoy a great game in the form of Numty Physics. There are two objects on every level, one is the red object and the other is the yellow star. Your aim is to prompt these two objects towards each other by drawing objects and lines that will connect the two. It is more challenging than it seems. You have to solve the puzzles logically, as merely drawing lines and objects without any logic is not going to pay off. This is what makes the game extremely challenging.

You will be provided with a few introductory levels to get you acquainted with the controls and the makings of the game. you will have to develop some really fast paced mouse skills to solve some of the puzzles as they are not as easy as they seem at first. This game will really test your skills as a gamer and at the scientific level. However, the game lacks a hint or a help section and if you are stuck at the game then there is really no way out of it. The documentation of the game is no real help either. However, if you have been good at mechanics, then there is a chance that you may have better luck at this game.

Numty Physics is a fun game though extremely challenging. If you are looking for some real time physics challenges then Numty Physics is the perfect game for you to try your skills at. As and how you solve the levels, you will feel more encouraged to solve the game further and play more. the game play is unique and this makes the game a refreshing change. The only downside is that there is no help provided when you get stuck in the game.