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Come and explore a 3D dungeon that holds mysteries that you will have to overcome by using a portal of a gameplay. Narbacular Drop is very simple to understand, it is not a very intense game and can be played by people of all age groups. You do not have to have some extraordinary level of skills in order to play this game, and this makes it suitable for new players as well as seasoned ones. The plot of Narbacular Drop is different and this makes the game very engaging and fun at the same time.

You will have to control the princess who has been imprisoned by a monster. Wally is the dungeon where the princess is being held captive. It is your task to get her out of there after overcoming the obstacles that lay in the way. The secret bit is that Wally is not a big fan of the monster who has captured the princess, and this means that he helps her with her escape plan; also the princess promises to Wally that she will help him with getting rid of his owner the monster.

The dungeon can open portals into its walls and these portals can be tricky as they are interconnected and any creature can exit from either of the exits of the portal. This portal feature is what makes the game so interesting. it is also the key to winning the game. the placing of the portals is in the hands of the player. Another feature of the portal is that if you look through one end of the portal, you can see the outside of the other exit. This portal allows for multiple game play possibilities and this means that every time you play the game, the outcome and how you play the game can differ each time.



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