Magic Academy

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If learning magic spells and performing magic is what makes your day, then Magic Academy is just the game for you. This is a must play game for all Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fans. The premise of the game is simple; you are sent to a school of wizards where you have to learn magic as a student in order to find your missing sister. When stripped of all the glamour, Magic Academy is just a find-the-object game, but it has been successfully been dressed up as an complicated game, with a slick plot and amazing graphics with a great sound track.

The main idea of the game is to encounter various characters and solve all the puzzles they dish out for you. Once you are done solving the puzzles of one character, you can move on to the next. Most of the puzzles comprise of spot the object or find the difference by comparison, but these average tasks have been made as attractive as possible. There are time limits imposed on each task, and you may feel like the makers have been very generous, but sometimes that’s not the case. If you have a sharp eye for spotting objects, this game will be very entertaining for you.

The game offers a realistic variety in object finding and difference puzzles. You have to really put your mind to solving the puzzles or you will not be able to finish it. The interaction between different characters is pretty limited and there is not much conversation going around. This is no strategy game with intricate puzzles to solve. However, it holds your attention nonetheless. Even though the story line doesn’t prove to be very interactive, the game is interesting enough for you to keep coming back for more and more!