Download Machinarium

Wouldn’t it be just perfect if you found a game that kept you interested, was awesome, and very addictive? If you are looking for all these three qualities in one combo then Machinarium is just the game for you. This game is so addictive and stimulating that you will have a very hard time giving it up and turning your attention elsewhere. The plot of the game is uncomplicated; you are a robot who has unfortunately found itself in the scrap heap beyond the city. Your aim is to find your way back into the city in order to protect the city from the Black Cap Brotherhood; and also rescuing your girlfriend in the process.

The bizarre and attractive thing about this game is that it can be cute and daunting at the same time due to the cleverly created graphics. The background score also adds an aura of mystery and at times soothes you in a strange manner. Machinarium is a game of strange contrasts. The game does have a very simple premise, but is actually quite difficult when you actually get down to playing it. The game uses the age old point to click method, where you are shown your final aim and you are required to use the objects around you to attain that goal.

The challenges vary from solving intricate and detailed puzzles to fooling a security guard into believing that you are one of the Black Cap Brotherhood members. Your final goal will always remain to defeat the Brotherhood and rescue your girlfriend. Among the objects you find on your way around the City, there is a cool option where you can store away some of the objects in your inventory to use them at a later time. Also, there is a ‘hint’ option in case you get stuck in between the game.