Luxor 3

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Luxor 3 is a little known game from Mumbo Jumbo and is meant for casual gamers who look forward to while away some time by playing such small games. The game is built in same lines as Zuma and is best suited for people who are looking for some game to kill the boredom. For those who are not familiar with Zuma, it is a puzzle game where you get to clear obstacles by firing fire balls. Both the original game and its clone are equally interesting. Luxor 3 includes good special effects, one that makes it look very attractive and fun to play.

Well, if you are fond of puzzles and have had a taste of Zuma before, you would definitely like Luxor 3. However, the basic difference between Zuma and Luxor 3 is the fact that in Zuma, the player or the gamer could fire the cannon balls from the centre of the screen, whereas in Luxor 3 the cannon is at the bottom of the game window and seems rather apt. The gamer gets to play the game in three different modes. The adventure mode houses around 150 levels and has a storyline. The puzzle mode is more challenging where the ammo is limited and in the Free Play mode, you actually get to access any of the unlocked levels of the adventure mode.

Luxor 3 pays more emphasis on the presentation of the game and thus is much different from similar games. The power-ups, bonus coins and the cannon upgrades make it all the more interesting. Hence, Luxor 3 may not be the best puzzle game around, but it includes good puzzles and effects. Its slick look and easy interface allows the gamers to play at ease. Hence, if you are fond of Zuma and other such puzzle games, then you should definitely give Luxor 3 a try.