Lode Runner

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Lode Runner is a simple yet fun game that has a very basic game play, but still proves to be quite a challenge. There is almost everything that you can ask for in this simplistic game. there is a hero, that you have to control, guards whom you have to avoid at any cost, and treasure that you have to amass. You cannot make the hero kill the guards, so you have to make sure that her hero stays well away from them, as they can surely kill you. However, you can trap the guards temporarily by digging holes in the bricks that will trap the guards for some time.

There are 75 fast paced and enjoyable levels that you get to play in Lode Runner. Each level is different from the previous one, and you will have to use different tactics and skills to get through them. You will have to be very strategic when getting through the levels, as it is very challenging and gets more difficult as the number of levels crossed increase. The guards will act normally, and this lets you to change your tactics depending on them. The upside to the game’s controls is that they are exclusive, and this will ensure that your character doesn’t get stuck unnecessarily.

Lode Runner is very easy to load as well as save. There are two modes available: the window one and the full screen one. The tutorial and the help provided in the game are very good. You will have sufficient help when getting out of a fix. The graphics are good, although there isn’t much scope for that in this kind of a game. the sound effects are good and do justice to the game. The game may seem simple, but once you cross a few levels, you will begin to sweat as the difficulty bar rises!