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Linx is a good puzzle game that will put the logic of the player to the test as he tries to give the best answers to the riddles that are built in the game. There are several of them and each of them will prove to be more difficult than the previous one, meaning that he player will have to train more and use the trial and error method in order to win the  levels that are featured, because some of them are quite challenging, even if the game itself does not seem like it would become like this.

The game is not a classic puzzle game in which tiles must be matched or something like this. Instead, the player will have to focus on another aspect - that of creating perfect paths from A to B, from C to D and so on - the task will be harder as the number of the buildable paths will increase and the player will have to try more in order to create the perfect arrangement for all of them, but this is not impossible and a solution is surely there.

In the beginning, the player will only have to create one path and that level works as a tutorial in order for the gamers to learn the basics of the game and be able to succeed in the later levels that are featured. The game will allow the player to find multiple paths, sometimes, and this is a great thing because some of the players will be able to see a solution while others will go with another one. However, each level has a more or less obvious solution but everything must be kept under the limit of moves that can be made in order to win, otherwise the paths need to be reconstructed.

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