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Lazy Liz is the first installment in which the player was required to solve different puzzles in order to reach for the big prize, the fly that the lizard wants so much. However, this lizard is not like others that might be found in the area. Liz is the most lazy lizard that ever existed and he will rather starve than hunt in order to eat something. But this cannot happen and the lizard will need some help that he might also receive from the player, if he decides that the lizard deserves to eat, even if he has to do it with a lot of help from the player which will be really willing to do this.

The game contains 25 different levels that will be playable as they get unlocked – each level will be unlocked after the previous one has been completed. Moreover, the player is also able to replay each unlocked level as many times as he wants in order to have more fun throughout the levels that are featured. This might also help him increase his better score and he will also have a good time as he does this because the game will become even better after the first few levels, including the tutorial one.

The tutorial level will teach the player how to make good use of the skills that he has in order to reach for the fly. This level will instruct about every obstacle that might be found out there and the most annoying one will be related to the wooden logs that are found throughout the forest. Of course, there are also more obstacles but these logs will not only prevent the lizard from reaching to the fly, but will also hurt him, so the player will have to pay attention throughout the levels.

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