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Lizards are usually used to eat different insects around their home land in order to eat and also keep the nature clean from different predators. Their job is to maintain an equilibrium in these environments and they do it pretty well, but sometimes they also need a little bit of help and this time the player will be the one that will give this helping hand. It is sometimes hard for the lizards to find thir way through different environments, especially the ones that are filled with stones, and the player will have to help them.

The first game also included a lizard, who is nicknamed Liz, and it seems like this lizard has another problem, and not that of not being actually able to hunt for food. Liz has another problem, which might be annoying, both for himself and the ones that know him. Liz iz lazy, like it is said in the title of the game, and the player will have to guide him throughout different rocks in order to reach for the fly. It seems that Liz does not have enough motivation to go on by himself in order to reach for the fly, even if it is his daily meal, so he will need some help from behind.

The game has thirty levels and all of them are interesting, especially the ones in which there are multiple flies and the player will have to eat all of tem in order to proceed to the next level. Sometimes, random bonuses can also appear in the game and they are extremely useful because they will give Liz different powers in order for him to reach the fly faster and eat it at once. The game is really interesting as it is a unique combination between arcade and platformer genres.

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