Download Igneous

Be prepared to play an explosive game called Igneous that takes you across a burning setting that will blow your mind away. There is fire and brimstone all around you and you are aboard a Totem and have to make your way across the burning paths. The premise of Igneous is quite simple and the game play easy to understand. There are totally 3 levels in the game and each of them have an extensive action oriented game play and require quick reflexes and thinking on your behalf.

There is a volcanic eruption and you have to keep ahead of the molten lava that is progressing towards you. There are also boulders that are crashing around you to get to you and you have to make your way past them by escaping being crushed by them. There is also a gigantic idol that can emit fire through its eyes and aims at destroying the world as you know it. You have to make sure that he cannot do that and save the world. The levels have a lot of challenges that you will have to surpass in order to win the game. some of the challenges may seem a little unjust, but you will learn to get pas them.

Igneous has extremely amazing graphics and you will have to have a powerful computer in order to enjoy them. The game has a cool sound track with some amazing sound effects to add to the appeal of the game. the controls of the game are quite simple to learn and this means that you can concentrate on the game. the only drawback of Igneous is that it is quite short, and this will make you want more. all in all, Igneous is a thrilling and action packed game that will thrill and entertain you at the same time.