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Gray Matter is a point-and-click extravaganza which is replete with prosaic puzzles. The game boasts of a mystery driven plot, parapsychology themes and offers amazing environments. It is about stage magic, clinical necromancy, ghosts and illusions. It is a strange game which is indeed hard to resist. Gray Matter is a fine blend of mystery and melodrama. All this makes Gray Matter worth laying hands upon. It is probably one of the best adventure games around.

So what is it about? Well, in Gray Matter the gamer would get to play the role of Sam Everett. While on the way to London, Sam takes a wrong turn and instead reaches Dread Hill House. There she teams up with Dr. Styles, a brilliant neuroscientist in various studies. As the game progresses, you would get to investigate the death of his wife and team up with the members of the Daedalus Club. Gray Matter is a unique combination of magic and macabre research. It is one of those special games which would keep you rushing through chapters.

Gray Matter is a unique game in itself. The game has been well conceptualized and executed equally well. The lack of hints would sure to be of some problem for amateurs, but in general, it is a nice game worth the money. The game boasts of good visuals and the graphics of the same needs a special mention. The in-game sound and music keep the atmosphere thrilling. The cutscenes are used to good effect as well. All this makes Gray Matter worth a try.

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