Download Globs

Globs is a good puzzle game that allows player to have fun while also challenging his own mind in order to solve the puzzles that are featured in the game. There are a lot of levels and they will become increasingly difficult as the player progresses through them. However, in order to make things more organized, the levels are split into different stages that will correspond better to the levels of difficulty of the game. The concept of the game is not too encountered in the puzzle games nowadays but it is pretty interesting to play it.

It is not too hard to understand the basics but the latter levels of the game are harder to get through because the main problem of the levels is that the player has to complete each level in a limited number of moves. In the beginning, in order for the player to accommodate with the game play idea of globs, the game will only feature puzzles with two colors and there will be a fair amount of moves that allows the player to move freely with the colored globs in order to achieve the required objective, that of matching all of the colors in single globs.

There are six colors in the game and as they are added, the game will become more difficult because not all of the levels will also bring a significant increase in the number of maximum moves that are available and this might become an issue later when the player needs to do perfect moves in order to win. However, the game is pretty relaxing and it should not annoy players because it is built as a casual puzzle that requires a little bit of skill, but offers a rewarding experience that will be full of fun, overall.