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Gap Monsters is a nice flash game that will require some skills from the player in order for him to get through the levels that are featured in the game. The main skill that is required is some visual perception regarding the surroundings in which the action of the game takes place. The game is designed in a two dimensional universe and here, the player will have to find his way around the mazes that are built by the developers. They are a lot of them and they will become increasingly difficult as the player progresses, so he will have to be cautious on the way.

The player has access to use a monster and using him will allow the player to progress to the next level. But in order to progress, the player will have to find the key of solving the level and then, he will be able to move along to a new level. Each of these levels will remain unlocked and they can be played again in free mode in order for the player to see if he can achieve a better score, regarding the number of moves that he can make in order to win each level.

And Gap Monsters is not just about the pre-designed levels that were added into the game. The player also has the possibility to create his own levels in order to play through them or share them with friends and they can become quite interesting challenges, too. But every time the player should keep in mind that the designed puzzle must be hard enough to keep the person struggling for some time but also easy enough to maintain the fun factor in the equation, as too difficult puzzles will only annoy people and they will quit playing a certain game.

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