Download Foldit

Make your contribution to the field of science with the help of this unique and fun game called Foldit. You can also help find cures to some serious and deadly diseases like AIDS and Alzheimer’s. to make this happen, you have to design proteins. These designs of proteins are then tested by real scientists to see whether they actually work, and can be made into drugs. What is thrilling about the game is that you could be making some real life changes in the field of science. If you have ever wanted to contribute to science, but haven’t been able to, then this is your chance to do so.

The game is not necessarily aimed at scientists at science students exclusively, it also encourages beginners as it has a good introduction that helps you with cell creation. The game has a very extensive tutorial that helps the players learn the ropes of the game through trial and error method. There are a lot of exercises and practice sessions that you have to go through to learn how the proteins can be paired or folded. Once you have learnt how to fold the proteins to create authentic structures, then you can start with the actual process and play the game.

The game is designed to use only those structures of protein that have been tested and approved by scientists, however, soon the protein structures that are not solved will also be included into the game. the concept of Foldit is unique with a humanitarian touch to it. If you really feel for your community and want to help out then Foldit is a good place to start. This game is not your average and ordinary puzzle game, however it is much better than that as it actually helps you do your bit for the world.