Download Flow

If you are looking for a simple yet engaging game that will keep you hooked on for hours, then Flow is exactly what you need! The premise of the game is simple, all you have to do is connect the colored dots with pipes. However, the game is not as simple as it seems. To connect the dots you have to hold and drag the lines that run between the two dots; however, you cannot over lap the lines, and that is what makes the game very challenging.

There are two game modes that Flow offers you to choose from. The first one is the free play mode where there are about 20 levels. The challenge on each level is that you have to connect all the dots before you can move to the next level. This may seem repetitive, but it is not, as there are various complexities that are a part of the game that you have to overcome.

The second mode is the time mode where you have to finish as many levels as possible in a given time frame. However, you are free to choose the time limit yourself and also the size of the board which will influence the level of difficulty in the game.

If you are looking for the game to be a little more challenging, then it is suggested that you choose the time mode over the free play mode, as the free play mode makes the game a little too simple and you may get bored easily. Whereas, in the time mode, the ticking clock will keep you alert and focused at the game.

All in all, Flow is an easy and fun game to play. However, it would be a lot more thrilling if some sort of novelty was infused into the game with regards to graphics and soundtracks.