Download Fishdom: Seasons Under the Sea

Create and decorate your own fish tank right at the bottom of the sea that will enable you to earn points and also play a very mind boggling game. your main aim is to solve the puzzles that are put forward to you, as this will help you gain points and move forward in the game. you will be able to decorate the fish tank during holiday season. There are three holidays that are featured in the fish tank of Fishdom: Seasons Under the Sea. They are Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

You will have to choose any one holiday that you like and then you will be asked to pick your desired game mode. There is a ‘relaxed’ mode that will mean that you can solve the puzzles at your own convenience without being time for them. However, if you are looking for something more challenging then you can go for the ‘against the clock’ mode. Finally you will reach your aquarium and will be able to decorate it. There are three categories to choose from- fish, comfort and beauty. If you choose the fish category you can read fun facts about them. The beauty category allows you to choose plants for yor aquarium; and the comfort category will enable you to buy castles and such things.

To be able to afford things for your aquarium you will have to gain points against the puzzles won. this is not very difficult, although you will have to have a quick presence of mind to be able to figure the puzzles out. You can also save the pictures of your completed aquarium and set it as a desktop background! However, if you wait too long to make a move then there will be hints provided for you, and this can get annoying at times.

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