Farm Frenzy

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Farm Frenzy presents to you the challenge to build your entire business from a scratch. This can be quite challenging despite you having the resources. Your main source of income will be managing livestock and also producing goods that you can export to international markets. The graphics of the Farm Frenzy are very lively, making the game visually appealing. Your world is set in a very vibrant cartoon-like setting. This game is for people who may wish to experience life in the farm or in the countryside.

The game begins with the most basic of all tasks- you have a few chickens, and the eggs they hatch is what contributes to your income. As the levels progress, you will move from eggs to owning factories and bakeries and also rearing animals like cows, pigs and many more. Every level comes with its own set of complexities and tasks, so no two levels are the same. Also, the complexity of the game increases with each level, making it very challenging. After you have crossed a few levels, the action of the Farm Frenzy can get pretty hectic, making the game very addictive.

Farm Frenzy is set in a very soothing background, and the sound effects are very cheerful. This game is a stress-buster, but it is by no means easy. You can really hone your business skills by playing this game. the tasks keep you challenged, be it choosing a mode of transportation for your goods, or wading off creatures that attack your produce. The game may seem a little over the top after a while. This game is fun, no doubt, but it is not for the usual action fanatics who enjoy big weapons and simulation. All in all, this is a fun and sweet game if you enjoy farming and the countryside atmosphere.