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In Farm Frenzy: Madagascar you get to assist Scarlett in travelling to various locations and also help them conserve and protect their exotic animals as they have become unwell for some unforeseen reason. There will be a lot of activities for you to do in this game, as you can help raise numerous animals that are very animated and vividly colored, for example, ware buffaloes, guinea birds, elephants and many more. There are also the usual activities of building and upgrading buildings and equipment.

The storyline of Farm Frenzy: Madagascar is new and unique. There are a lot of challenges that you face in this game. There are a number of tasks that you have to finish at the end of the 90 levels in the game. At no point will you feel like the game is boring or tedious. Helping Scarlett look after the animals and traveling to locations is very adventurous and unique. There is a lot of visually pleasing animation in the game that makes the game a lot of fun. Beware, you may just get so caught up looking at the visuals that you may not realize that you aren’t playing!

There are a lot of ranching activities included in the game that keep you entertained. You learn a lot of tricks on how to rear and care for animals on the ranch. There are 8 different exotic animals that you can bring up. Again, you can upgrade buildings and vehicles as this will lead to you earning points and trophies. There are a lot of puzzles that you will have to solve along the way, and they are very enjoyable. You will have a lot of fun competing in this game with other players. Playing on the farm also adds to the charm and the appeal of the game.

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