Farm Frenzy: Ancient Rome

Download Farm Frenzy: Ancient Rome

Centuries ago, when Rome was the ruling power of the world, back then, there was a courageous young woman Scarlett who cultivated her land and did farming in order to grow food that would feed the Roman soldiers who were at war. She also wanted to ensure that her beloved would come home safe and sound from the battlefield. Today, in the modern world, there is yet another young woman named Scarlett who does the same type of farming and cultivation. You have to find out if there is a connection or a bond between the two women who are born centuries apart.

Your role in the game will be to help her in her farming and taking care of her animals and other needs, like making cure that her carriage is off to collect supplies to and from the market, you have to help her sell her produce on the gallery, produce important and necessary goods. You have to accomplish all this and more before the time falls short. There is another challenging aspect to the game where you have to help Scarlett solve a startling family mystery when she discovers a family heirloom. This task has to be carried out between the 90 vast and challenging levels. ­­­­­­

Farm Frenzy: Ancient Rome has some stunning graphics and an interesting plot that will keep you engaged and will get you addicted! You have to complete tasks in order to gain experience points and also move up through the levels. There are a lot of different tasks in all the levels and this will keep the challenge alive. This game is an amazing one to play for experienced and seasoned players and new players at the same time. The stunning visuals and  the sound effects add a lot of character to the game.