Farm Frenzy: American Pie

Download Farm Frenzy: American Pie

In Farm Frenzy: American Pie help Scarlett, the main protagonist of the game to employ robots around her island to help her with her business. Your task is to keep up with the fast growing and advancing technology that is being used in the world of Farm Frenzy: American Pie. This technology will help you collect crops, feed animals and look after them, and much more. However, this may be difficult as you may get easily distracted by the amazing new animations and graphics that are very vibrant. The Farm Frenzy: American Pie has a lot of new characters and a lot of new tasks that have been added to the levels. Again, there are 90 levels that you have to play through to finish the game.

The main aim of yours when playing Farm Frenzy: American Pie is that you have to help Scarlett protect the gamily land as she is being threatened by the bank with closure of the farm as it is not making as much profits as it used to before. Scarlett who has just returned from her business trip has no time to spare. The main aspect of the game is again time that is of great essence as if it runs out, you lose. You get to use the latest technology there is to save the lands and this turns out to be a good idea. Soon Scarlett is turning the tables around and you are helping her.

There are a lot of farmhouse activities that you have to complete along the levels. Some of them are baking, playing with animals of the farm, meeting the neighbors, construction of various buildings and many more. You have to gain points and trophies and this is possible if you upgrade the buildings and vehicles to the latest and modern ones!