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If you have always been a big fan of the jigsaw puzzles, then Everyday Jigsaw will prove to be the perfect game for you. Everyday Jigsaw makes for the perfect game that is not too space consuming, and the best thing is that you get to solve a new puzzle everyday! The interface of the game is very easy to use and also extremely vibrant. There are a number of tools and aids at your disposal that will help you play the game successfully and fun.

Everyday Jigsaw has only 7 puzzles for free as a starter pack, but there are a number of puzzles available in the ‘treasury’ section of the game. the puzzles come in a lot of categories say fro example, cars, kids, bikes, flowers, castles and many more. There are a lot of puzzles in the game and this will keep adding to the fun. On Fridays you get a free puzzle to play every time. If you have always enjoyed puzzles as a free time activity, then Everyday Jigsaw is just the game for you.

The game is simple, however strangely there is no documentation to go with the game. also, the pieces are all in perfect sync, and so they cannot rotated. This may seem odd to some players. If you are looking to revive your love for jigsaws then this is the perfect game for you. This is a great game for people of all age groups. The incentive of a new puzzle everyday is what makes the game so likeable. The puzzles are challenging and enjoyable at the same time. This is a great stimulation for your mind and is also a great way to take a refreshing break from work and other activities. Beware! You might just get addicted to Everyday Jigsaw in no time!


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