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Escape Goat by Developer MagicalTimeBean is a puzzle game with a very engaging game play. It compels the players to explore and discover more with its unique presentation and this makes it certainly a must have. The game’s backdrop is a mysterious prison filled with loads of enemies, traps and other hindrances. The player needs to indulge in a real mind boggling challenge to figure out the solutions and win the puzzle in the extremely challenging platform.

While playing the game, one has to deal with a multiple set of difficulties, including moving switches in an area of a particular level and other stuff with distinct set of complexity. The player as the purple goat is the main protagonist of the game. The player would have a magic mouse as his companion, which would help him to distract the enemies for a while and concentrate intensely on the puzzle. Escape Goat provides the players with multiple chances to continue with the solving of the puzzles even when you die many times and thus, the game certainly doesn't spoil one’s mood when it comes to retain the gamers’ interest.

The learning curve of the game is amazing and it really ushers the player to play in a better way and learn from the mistakes made. With every set of level, the player becomes more trained as to how to solve the further levels which definitely requires some more brainstorming elements. The game is extremely pleasing and can really help one to come out from unnecessary thoughts. The puzzle occupies your mind completely and coaxes you to get involved in this intriguing game. Hence, without a second thought Escape Goat is one such game which everyone must try.

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