Dream Farm: Home Town

Download Dream Farm: Home Town

Dream Farm: Home Town has an entire world of possibilities to offer to its players. You will have a farm of your own. However, you don’t have to jus stick to staying at the farm and caring for the animals within, you can leave the farm for a while and travel into the town, catch up with other people, have a social life of your own. The people in the town will be the players that are playing the game all around the world! This is a lot like a role-playing game, only you are not blowing up monsters, instead you are living the life of a fun and respectable citizen of Dream Farm: Home Town.

Dream Farm: Home Town is a very casual and stress free game in which you can settle down in the city of your choice, chat up with your friends and also complete tasks with the help of other players around the world. There are a number of challenges that you will have to finish and that keeps the game interesting and stimulating. You can also stand for elections and become the mayor of your own virtual town! You can produce a number of goods and super goods depending on your needs. There are also a number of buildings that you can build in order to make your town look more real. You can make contacts with the numerous players that are a part of the game and exchange products, trade with them, chat with them and also live together.

You can buff up your business skills by trading with the players living all around the world. If you achieve anything significant in the game, you are awarded with golden stars to mark your achievements. These stars are a form of currency that you can use to trade in seeds, oil, tools, modern upgrades and other necessities.