Download Doodle God 2

Doodle God 2 is the sequel to a great game that will allow players to create and rule their own world in a simple but really interesting manner. The player will have access, in the beginning, to the four primordial elements: earth, water, fire and air. He will have to use these elements in order to create new ones and in the beginning, things will be pretty easy. The player will really play the role of God, just as the title of the game says, and it will be a really interesting and also rewarding experience.

In the beginning, with those elements, the player should do all of the possible combination and afterwards, he should already have a series of elements that are really interesting and these will definitely become the building blocks of the whole system of the game. This installment is a sequel of the first game and it will be really nice to get through both of them. Players who got through the first game will now have an advantage, as they can already unlock the first 115 elements of the game, but if they want to have fun again, they can leave them locked.

There are also a few more game modes available for the player if he manages to unlock enough items and they will be interesting, too. He will be given a series of elements and he will have to create as many possible combinations with them in order to score points, but he will also have to compete against time, thus he will have to move fast in order to avoid thinking too much for a certain series of elements. The graphics of the game look really interesting, too, and the player will have the possibility to experience this game not only on the computer, as a Flash download, but also on his mobile phone.

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