Bubble Birds

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Bubble Birds is a simple yet entertaining puzzle game. The premise of the game is easy to grasp; you have to form clusters of birds of matching color in order for them to get eliminated. The final aim of the game is to get rid of all the birds before they reach the bottom of the screen. The game is challenging in a way that sometime the birds don’t show what their color is until you shoot, so this poses as a gamble that you have to take. There is another bird called the rainbow bird that will complete a chain of three or more number of birds, and another bird called the bomb bird that will explode!

There isn’t much on the level of a challenge when it comes to Bubble Birds. The graphics are pretty good, and pleasing to look at. The game can at times be pretty frustrating given that the levels last for way too long. This can also make you feel dissatisfied with the game, making you lose interest. The game is simple and uncomplicated in terms of game play and understanding of the premise. The performance is however slow making it boring at times.

Bubble bird is one of those games that you can play when you want to rid yourself of some stress. However, it is not one of those games that you will spend hours playing once you have gotten the grasp of all the variants of the game. After a few levels you will wish that the game moved at a faster pace. The game is not as difficult as it is frustrating as it is not easy to finish a level and the game provides you with barely any respite. It is fun to play for a while, but that’s about it.