Brain Workshop

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Improve the strength of your concentration with the help of a witty game! Brain Workshop is a simple braining training tool, which will not only help you spend some stress free time, but also help in improving the concentration of your mind. If you feel like your mind gets too distracted at times, you switch tasks without completing the previous one and then completely forget about that one, don’t worry, there are a lot of people who go through the same. This game will not only help you pass time, but will also help you improve your concentration.

Brain Workshop is a simple game, you are given a nine block game board of some sort and then you are required to remember the order in which each of the squares were placed in the individual boxes. There is another aspect that adds the challenge; you also have to remember the letters that go with each square. The whole point of Brain Workshop is to improve your concentration and your recall memory over long periods of time. Brain Workshop is not only challenging but also difficult to get the hang of right in the beginning. You have to be a little patient to actually learn the bearings of the game.

The one annoying aspect of this game is that there is no learner’s guide in the game. You are transferred to the creator’s website where you can read the directions to the game. However, the challenging part of the game is the logic puzzles that make up for all the other glitches you may encounter. There are a number of levels in the game that will keep you occupied and help with your concentration and memory. Brain Workshop may not rank high on the entertainment scale, but all in all, it is one game that you will really enjoy playing!