Download Bonza Word Puzzle for PC Windows

Bonza Word Puzzle for PC Windows is an interesting type of a crossword which can enhance your vocabulary abilities. In this game, you would be required to rearrange word pieces to make a word out it which would be the solution of a given problem. The game would require you to use the skills like word-making, spatial and some knowledge about trivial matters. That is all you need to play this wonderful game.

A wonderful feature of this application is that it is regularly updated with new and current quizzes that test your knowledge of the current matters. For example, if you have a holiday today, you may expect a quiz about the holiday and its related information. Likewise, you may also get questions from celebrities that were in the limelight currently. This game not only strengthens your word power, but also keeps you updated about the regular happenings and trivial knowledge of the world.

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