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Blocks That Matter is an action game integrated with brilliant 2D puzzles. The game is a challenging adventure with a variety of puzzles to be solved. It is a complete non-stop action and lasts for about 8 hours. The game’s agenda revolves around the two protagonists, namely Alexey and Markus, who are set to work on a secret project. However, as the game progresses the secret mission turns out to be a lot more than they bargained for. It is here that the game picks up speed and the gamer gets into the picture.

The environment of the game is depicted aesthetically and the concept of collecting the blocks is a wonderful experience as a whole. The gameplay in Blocks That Matter is really good and the interface of the game accompanies the same with substantial positivity. Blocks That Matter also offers respite in the form of humour and the gamers thoroughly enjoy this strange adventure with Alexey and Markus. The gamers get to share their block creations with their respective friends and rate the levels according to their experience, whim and fancy.

Blocks That Matter boasts of really smooth controls and an entertaining story that woos you at one go. Blocks That Matter can undoubtedly be termed as the best 2D puzzle game in the league. The game includes a good storyline, proper execution, wonderful design and easy interface. Hence, if you are a puzzle game lover, then you should definitely lay hands upon Blocks That Matter. It is highly recommended for all.

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