Download Balance 3D for PC Windows

Balance 3D for PC Windows is the perfect game to test your reaction and finer level of control you have. This is a simple and very basic game, the only thing you have to do is just balance the ball on the maze track. The game is very unpredictable and exciting to play. You have to balance and carry the ball forward along the maze and you pass the level when you reach the end of the maze. There are 31 vastly different mazes to be completed. The gravity is varying, the mazes are not stable, and can you control the ball efficiently?

The game offers a wide number of options to let you play the game in the most comfortable way. There are two display modes – landscape and portrait. There are four control modes from which you can choose according to your comfort zone. And the 3D factor makes the game vastly different from the other balancing or similar type of games.

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