Download Azada

If you are bored of the usual and dated puzzle games, then Azada will make for a refreshing change from them. There are numerous puzzles that you have to solve when playing the game; and that is what makes the game so interesting and gripping. Azada is a very lively and fun game to play, and this is because of the brilliant sound effects and a stunning soundtrack that makes the game very amusing. Most puzzle games have average graphics, but Azada is not one of those. The graphics are very good and make the game a visual treat.

The premise of the game is pretty simple; you are imprisoned in a cell and to find your way out you have to find the ancient book that contains an ancient text whose secrets you have to discern. The game challenges you through 40 different puzzles to choose from and these puzzles are interlinked through a narrative. These puzzles often contain cryptic challenges that involve various objects placed in the room you are imprisoned. To solve the puzzles you will have to do various things like for example smashing flower vases to reveal other ciphers, figuring out riddles to reveal another aspect of the mystery, solving conundrums and many more such tasks. And then of course there are the usual challenges; for example solving jigsaws and completing memory tests.

Azada is in no way an adventure or an action game, but the various mysterious challenges and the adventurous narrative keep you from getting bored when playing. The difficulty level of the puzzles is very high as you cross more levels and will really challenge your intelligence. The challenges are original and different from an average puzzle game. If the puzzles get too tough, you are provided with hints to help you keep on going.