Download Antichamber

Ever wanted to try your hands at a mind boggling inventive puzzle game? Antichamber is a great game for which you need tons of patience. The design and the stylish visuals coupled with the eerie soundtrack gives you a great feeling. Only a handful of modern games would reward you with such levels of satisfaction and gameplay intelligence. The thought provoking design of the game and the studious approach of inventive experimentation are the things that would keep you glued to the same.

So, where does Antichamber score over its rivals or similar games? Well, Antichamber is a puzzle game with a difference. Seldom would people come across such innovative games which are minus any tutorials and have no hand-holding. The game doesn’t dish out easy puzzles and would require you to understand the hints to solve the puzzle. As the game progresses, the map widens and so rises the number of hard clues. The best thing about Antichamber is the fact that there are no set of rules that you would have to strictly adhere to. Nor would any arrow or voiceover be assisting you in the gameplay. It is a puzzle where you have to trust your instincts and follow your curiosity.

While most of such puzzle games are strangely similar and boring, Antichamber shows how they can be different and create a niche of their own. The white walls and the simple design makes it appealing all the more. Finally, if you want to solve the puzzles of the game, you would have to set aside all the rules and things that you know and embrace a different thinking process altogether. The cryptic clues smeared on the walls of the chamber are your only help in the game and in order to proceed to the next level, you would have to solve the puzzle at hand.