Download Anodyne

As you set foot into Anodyne, you would find it to have drawn inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. However, this game from Sean Hogan and Jonathan Kittaka is a bit different. Anodyne has more to do with surreal surroundings and dark imagery than any of the games in this category. Subtle hints dished out during the narrative suggest that the game is more of an anodyne or painkiller for the protagonist (character) of the story and thus comes the name Anodyne. The entire game or the action is set in the unconscious self of the character named Young.

As you delve deep into the game, you would realize that the game is more than just swatting bats and frogs. The fractured vignettes of his memories that crop up between games clearly reflects the fact that, Anodyne is merely a fantasyscape for  the character who seems haunted down by his memories and is trying hard to run away from the same. Generally these types of games have more to do with saving Princesses, but Anodyne is about saving the world. It is much of a classic dungeon role plating game with a touch of its own. That is what makes it so very interesting.

Generally, people think 16 bit games to be much suited for light action in retro environment, and this is where Anodyne makes a big impression as it is nothing that you possibly expect. The dark themes and the light philosophical questions make it a good 16 bit game and score above the rest. The 50 collectible cards help you in gaining upgrades and reaching the final boss. The one screen puzzles are rather simple to play and if you have been a fan of the 16 bit games, you would obviously love Anodyne. It is one game which stays true to the basic idea of 16 bit games and yet, ropes in something entirely different.