Angry Birds Space

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You have played it, you have loved it and admit it, you are addicted to it! Angry Birds Space is another addition to the massive Angry Birds franchise. The game has been a huge hit since it hit the market, and more so as there is a massive change in its game play. The game play of Angry Birds Space depends on the gravitational pull of the planets; this will affect your bird’s trajectory, making the game all the more tactical that before! The basic principle of the game hasn’t changed. The goal of the game is still to shoot the Angry Birds at the structures that the pigs are sitting in using the least number of birds possible.

However, in this version of Angry Birds you will be aiming at structures on planets from space. You will be using their gravitational pull to attain the desired trajectory. This change in gameplay is what makes Angry Birds Space more challenging than the previous games and also seems more different. There are sixty levels in Angry Birds Space that will reveal themselves as you move ahead in the game. This game is going to keep you occupied for quite some time! The graphics and the sound have been imporved greatly, meaning that this installment of Angry Birds is bound to be the most visually stimulating.

There are a lot of different birds added that have an array of powers that you can use to complete the game. The new and improved graphics and sound make the game a treat to play. The zero-gravity game play makes the game interesting and more challenging as well. This is undoubtedly the best looking game so far and also the toughest. There are a lot of bonus levels that appear in the game as you complete previous ones.