Download All Zombies Must Die!

If you have ever held a strong dislike for zombies, then here is your chance to get even with them by playing All Zombies Must Die! This game is very action oriented and has a lot of thrilling action sequences that you can play. the game play and the premise of the game may seem unoriginal at first, but the storyline may feel like the right fit for your requirement for a zombie killing spree. All Zombies Must Die is a very fun and entertaining game and is not at all serious, the writing is innovative making the game a very funny experience to play.

The game play is very simple  to grasp, and the controls of the game are very easy to grasp. Since there is a lot of fun to the game it is suitable for people of all ages. This is a stress free game that you can join at anytime for some fun times. The only problem is that the curser that is where you have to target is a little difficult to spot, and since the game supports multiple shootings, you will have to be careful not to lose your aim. There are a variety of levels in All Zombies Must Die and each of these levels has a different storyline that you must follow.

There are robotic gates at the beginning of each level and they will let you know of the task ahead. The points that you get from the experience that you earn can be exchanged for weapons and  upgrades that will help you with the future fights in the game. there are tons of goals that you have to accomplish. However, after a while you may feel like the shooting is a little repetitive for your liking. The graphics and the sound effects of All Zombies Must Die are pretty good.

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