3D Kit Builder

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3D Kit Builder is an interactive 3D game where you are allowed to build models of various objects in its 3D version with the help of Computer Aid Design. Each of the kits have about 80 to 125 parts, and building them will take as much time as a real model would in real life. Even though this is a virtual game, it is nothing less than a real model and thus you can get a taste of real time modeling of objects in a 3D fashion.

3D Kit Builder is built in a way that it will run perfectly fine on an average computer. This means that the outreach of this game can be enjoyed by a much larger group of people. This game is great foe kids who are good at modeling and assembling suck models together. The game is highly creative and you will get hooked on to it in no time. The graphics of the game make the objects look very real and life like. This adds to the appeal of the game meaning that you will hardly ever tire of it. There are a few limitations on the modeling and the text images, but even then you can do some pretty cool stuff with this game on an average computer. One such example is the reflective glass that can be added to your model.

When you complete the making of the kit provided, there are 9 features that will be revealed to you. These features will be like turning the texture image off or triangular surfaces being lit up in the wireframe. The complexity of the features revealed will depend on how difficult the task at hand was. There is sufficient documentation available to teach you the bearings and the reasoning behind the features of the game.