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Water Werks is a platformer game that takes advantage of physics in order to have the players enjoy the levels that are built. There are a lot of physics game on the market, they are all interesting but some of them are even greater than this. However, even if not all of them are that good, some of them deserve a full play through and Water Werks is one of the best that could get this treatment. The game is filled with intriguing levels that will give even the most skilled players a good challenge that deserves at least a tryout.

The player will have to build some elements in first place and there will be some anchor points that can be used in order to create the mechanisms that will work together towards the end of the level. This is sometimes intuitive, but sometimes it is required to use some logical thinking in order to find out everything that is required for a correct build. However, in order to see if the mechanism is correctly built, the player will also have to test it and he will use water sprays in order to do this. They are pretty strong so they will move the mobile pieces that are used.

The game has 45 different levels that will unlock in a sequence and the player will have to get through all of them in order to reach the ultimate achievement. The other achievements will still allow the player to have fun along the way as he will not get bored as he plays. The game also has really good graphics, even if it is designed in Flash, and it is really remarkable that such a small game uses such a good physics engine that gives the gameplay of the whole game a great flavor.

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