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Touch Puf is a nice casual puzzle game that can be enjoyed by everyone, regarding the age. Children can play this game in order to get used to the computer and learn how to solve some quests, while the adults can play this game in order to relax. The game is not hard, unlike other puzzle games that are available on the market. In the game there is a simple objective, all of the blocks of a certain color or even all of them entirely must be blown up in order to advance to the next level.

The game consists of 100 levels and as the progress is made throughout them they will become a little bit harder, but there should be no problems overall when it comes to solving the puzzles that are offered. In each level the player will receive information about the required task and he will have to accomplish it in order to progress. Some levels ask the player to destroy blocks of a certain color, while others will need total destruction of the blocks in order to ensure the progress. However, the blocks must be moved in a certain sequence in order for them to be destroyed and this can be done with the mouse.

The name of the game contains the objective. Touch represents the action that must be done in order to Puf or destroy the blocks in cause. The graphics of the game also look nice, they do not have too complicated textures and overall the game is worth the effort of downloading it. The developer really managed to create a good environment in which everyone can test their skills at puzzle solving, especially children that want to learn the basics of a simple game and have a foundation for their future game plays.

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