Download Tom and Jerry

Who does not know and love Tom and Jerry? The most favorite characters of all time are here to control! They are ready to appear before you in a lovable platform game that would thrill you. The game is Tom and Jerry and features the two of your favorite characters to play and let you have an enjoyable time.

In this game, you play the role of Jerry, the mouse. The player has to defeat the Tom, the cat. Tom is enemy of the Jerry who is teasing his nephew Tuffy. The player has to climb through the basement, pipes, walls, bathroom, attic etc of the house to rescue the little nephew Tuffy. The Tom will run after the Jerry, try to stop her but Jerry will run here and there to escape the Tuffy. This game offers you the fun of weapons such as the Jerry rigger, the tommy gun, the flame thrower and many more. Find more and more diamonds to acquire points and scraps for locking your skills. You need to find the key to unlock doors. To proceed and win a level, you need to find the magnifying glass.

The application can be controlled by the keys Arrows for Move & Jump (Attack), P for Pause and Esc for back to main menu. A very nice and interesting game is very popular among the kids.


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