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The Light Temple is a really good sequel to the original game in which the two characters had to go through The Forest Temple (also the title of the previous installment). This new installment is really interesting, at least as long as the player is able to get fast enough through the levels in order to advance with the story. However, even if the levels might make the player struggle a little bit, he will still have a lot of fun along the way as the levels are not designed in order to burn his nerves as he struggles to find a solution.

The game will bring in the already known characters, Fireboy and Icegirl, in a new series of challenges that will be really interesting to get through. The first levels are designed to allow the players to get used to the controls of the two characters, because unlike other games, in this one the player will have to control not one, but both characters that are featured, and they will have to be controlled perfectly in order to reach for the end of the level. The hardest part is about collecting diamonds.

Each of the characters will have to collect its own colored diamonds and these diamonds are usually alternating, so the player will have to move them both in a series in order to reach for these diamonds. Sometimes, one of them will have to use a detour and get to another place in order to start a mechanism that will help both progress. This is the best part about the new game, that there are a lot of added objects in the game and they all have to be used by the player in order to create the perfect solution that will allow Fireboy and Icegirl to progress.

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