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The Ice Temple is an interesting game that goes as a continuation of the series in which the main characters were the Water girl and the Fire boy. They are back and this time, they seem to be more interesting than ever before because they will have a lot more power ups than they had in the first games. The game presented here is really intriguing because it provides a lot of different elements from the first two installments in the series and even experienced players might need some time in order to accommodate with everything that is new.

The game was awarded for being one of the best in the last period of time and for a Flash game this means a lot, because the developers managed to do a great job here, both in terms of graphics and gameplay, too. The graphics are really nice, the textures are wisely chosen in order to feature a nice world in which the players will enjoy emerging as they go through all of the levels. There are also some nicely designed visual effects that will allow the players to experience a lot of fun.

The most important thing that the players must know when they start playing The Ice Temple platformer game is that Water girl and Fire boy cannot touch each other through the game - however, they must reach the end of the level together and this is the player's job. he will have to control both of them during the level in order to reach for the end of each stage and progress to the next one. The trip is really interesting and it will require some logical thinking from the player in order to safely reach the end of the  game and escape the intricate Ice Temple, the most important challenge.

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